Workout Jacket

Workout Jacket

About Our Workout Jacket Collection

Going out for a run in the park? Going for a hike in the mountains? Or just hanging out at home? Decathlon’s Triban activewear will keep you cozy and safe no matter what you do. We have workout jackets designed for all your needs.

Exercise Jackets

Our exercise jackets are designed to be breathable, lightweight, and flexible so they move with you during your workouts. They’re warm enough to keep the chill at bay but cool enough not to be uncomfortable when you’re working hard. Our jackets are made with moisture wicking technology so they can effectively remove sweat from your skin so you can keep going.

Sport Jackets

If you’re looking for something a bit more heavy duty, we have sport jackets that are designed to be durable against the elements while being flexible and comfortable so they don’t hinder your movement. Many of our jackets are waterproof or water repellent so you can stay dry in wet weather and avoid getting caught off guard. If you already have a jacket and just need something to repair it, we have the perfect accessories for your needs. 

Exercise Apparel

No matter what you do, Decathlon wants you to be safe and comfortable while you do it. That’s why we create exercise clothing that is made to be durable, breathable, and flexible so you can work out in whatever you feel most comfortable in. We also design shorts and t-shirts to go with your new workout gear. And if you need something to put your new gear in, we have backpacks and bags to keep everything safe and secure.