How to Celebrate International Go Skateboarding Day in SF

How to Celebrate International Go Skateboarding Day in SF

Since 2004, June 21st has been international Go Skateboarding Day! This celebrated day was officiated by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) in order to make skateboarding more accessible to the world. How? By hosting skateboarding events in major cities across the world. Our skateboard brand Oxelo shares the same mission of making skateboarding more accessible to everyone through quality, affordable gear so anyone can play the sports they love. We hope to inspire and see many skaters in San Francisco celebrating this day with us.

As there isn't a large organized event in San Francisco this year, here are the local skate parks to celebrate this day at:

Hilltop Skatepark

Built in 1979 Hilltop (Also known as “The Dish”) is one of San Francisco’s oldest skateparks. It was later remodeled in 2016 with the help of some big names like Tony Hawk and Thrasher. 

hilltop skatepark


Potero del Sol

The biggest skatepark San Francisco has to offer coming in at 16,000 square feet. The Bowl section tends to be skater’s favorite at this one. 

potrero del sol skatepark


Balboa Skatepark

One of the newest skate parks we’ve got. With its all wooden surface, this park is great for skaters of all skill sets. 

Balboa Skatepark


SoMa West Skatepark

This park is my seem a bit odd at first being that it’s located under the 101 highway but it definitely has character. There's even a dog park to the side!

SOMA west skatepark


3rd and Army Skatepark

A classic and relaxed vibe along with wide open spaces makes this one out to be a favorite.

3rd and Army Skatepark

Credit to Sk8ParkAtlas 

Enjoy your skate sessions, and don't forget to check out our latest collection!

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