About Our Skateboarding Collection

Want to cruise around town? Looking to get around in the city a little quicker? Maybe you just finally want to try out the new skateboard park. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro learning new tricks, Decathlon’s Oxelo brand has everything you need–for both kids and adults–to get you out there!


We have a wide variety of skateboards including cruisers, mini boards, and decks.They feature great handling, gliding effortlessly while staying lightweight and easy to handle. Our plastic boards have excellent flex and are great for young learners! We also design longboards that offer high stability and great maneuverability even during turns, great for beginners! Need a little extra power? Our electric skateboards will get you up that hill in no time!

Skateboarding Shoes

No skater is complete without a pair of skateboard shoes. Durable, and flexible, their soles will provide you excellent grip on the board while helping you maintain a good feel for it, too. Stay safe in our durable helmets and pads that’ll protect your joints from big falls and and your skin from harsh scrapes.

Skateboarding Accessories

Need to make some upgrades? Get some new wheels, trucks, screws, or grips! Our component parts are reliable so your board can keep up with you no matter what. We even have a grind bar to practice on anywhere you can take it!