Meet Decathlon's Climbing Brand, Simond

Meet Decathlon's Climbing Brand, Simond

It all started in the Chamonix Valley, at the foot of Mont Blanc. This is where the magic of our mountaineering brand Simond began, and where Simond presently calls home. Created in 1925 by blacksmith Francois Simond, the face of mountaineering products were forever revolutionized since, driven by Simond’s desire to create reliable products specific to mountain adventurers. After Simond passed his brand onto his family, they set out to continuously improve options for climbers and sports enthusiasts alike. In 2008, Decathlon sought Simond for its dedication to innovation and quality. Whether you enjoy mountaineering, canyoning or climbing, there is always a great reward waiting at the top of your reach, made possible with our durable gear. These days, a team of 40 dedicated people comprise the force behind Simond’s mission: to provide a wide range of quality products specific to mountaineering, from sturdy climbing ropes to harnesses, climbing shoes, carabiners and more. Our team members share a passion for the mountains and host a diverse background relating to mountaineering, many previously operating as mounters, machine-setters, engineers, designers or category experts.

We are proud to manufacture all Simond hardware, such as crampons and carabiners, in our ISO 9001 certified factory in Les Houches in the French Alps. This is our guarantee of safety, as every Simond employee, in collaboration with climbers, is committed to maintaining the very highest standard of quality for their product design. At Simond, we create durable, long-lasting gear for outdoor adventurers that are made for affordability.


Start discovering Simond's line for your rocky adventures with this gear hand-selected by our climbing sports leader. Each item is carefully designed by other climbers, who understand the needs of the sport thoroughly.


Simond decathlon climbing shoes edgeOur Climbing Shoes Edge designed for big wall, indoor climbing or bouldering. What makes them stand out? They provide excellent precision in small footholds and maximum grip on rounder holds. The Vibram XSGrip rubber gives it exceptional tackiness on holds, and the lace up shoes allow for easy adjusting on tension.




Simond lightweight harnessFor activities involving ropes, you'll need a reliable, durable harness. Our Climbing Light Harness Edge embodies just that, being flexible and having wear-resistant components. The self-locking buckle allows for easy adjusting, with light loops secured around the thigh to allow for easy leg movement during climbs. Two PES tie-in loops provide great durability and security, the main tie-in loop made from high-density polyethylene for good resistance. Finally, there are four gear loops to carry carabiners and quickdraws.  


Our carabiners are designed with lightness and durability in mind, and our Screwgate Carabiner 3000 is ideal for belay systems to tie to a harness, or securing climber when maneuvering ropes. This includes a Keylock® opening, traction resistance, and is lightweight at 2.82 oz. Ultra lightweight, secure, and extra protection is every climber's dream!


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