20 Inch Bikes

20 Inch Bikes

About Our 20 inch Bike Collection

Looking to get around the city? Going for a leisurely ride in the countryside? Maybe you’re just trying to get to school on time. Whatever your cycling needs, Decathlon’s Artengo bike brand has you covered. We have all kinds of bikes for all kinds of riding.


If you’re riding through the city, you need a bike that’s durable and easy to control. That’s why we have urban bikes that are lightweight but strong, easy to control but tough enough to handle rough streets. Many of our urban bikes come with front and rear brakes for added control.


If you don’t have space to keep your bike or you want to travel with it, we have a collection of folding bikes that are perfect for your commute and your apartment. Complete some exercise while you wait to get home! Once you’re there, our bikes are easy to assemble so you can get going right away.


If you’re going long distances, you need a bike that’s powerful but lightweight, comfortable but stiff, and durable but flexible. That’s why we have touring bikes that are perfectly suited to your needs whether you’re on the road or the trail. And if you’re riding in the rain, we’ve got you covered: our rain jackets and ponchos are waterproof and our tights and shorts are breathable.