Adjustable Bike Helmets

Adjustable Bike Helmets

About Our Adjustable Bike Helmets Collection

Our team of in-house cycling experts have designed these helmets to be both safe and comfortable so you can ride hard without worrying about falls or scrapes. The vents help keep you cool on even your most demanding rides. They are designed to be lightweight so you won’t feel weighed down on your travels. The adjustable fit ensures a secure and comfortable ride.

Cycling Accessories and Apparel

At Decathlon, we have a whole host of cycling brands, each one geared toward a different type of rider, in different types of conditions, on different types of bikes, and in different types of terrain. 


Artengo is our in-house bike brand, with a design center in Montgeron, France that researches and develops eco-friendly and innovative bikes. Artengo also has a line of accessories for your commute or your favorite trail. 

Folding Bikes

For your everyday commute, our folding bikes are perfect for getting around tight spaces and even more perfect for storing away without taking up much space. They’re perfect for your commute, whether it be to work, school, or the park. Our folding bikes are easy to handle and come with a stand so you can put it away right after you use it. 

Electric Bikes

Don’t get left behind! If you’re looking to get some extra juice on your travels, our electric bikes are perfect for your short-distance commutes. These bikes are powerful and perfect for your short-distance travels.