Climbing Quickdraws

Climbing Quickdraws

About Our Climbing Quickdraw Collection

Going climbing? Our in-house climbing brand, Artengo, designs all the climbing gear you need to ascend your next mountain–and come back down–safely and securely. Our climbing quickdraws are compact and lightweight so you can travel with all the gear you need without feeling heavy on your back. Our quickdraws come with carabiners that are durable and easy to handle. Our Artengo carabiners are made with a special gate closure system so you can open and close them with one hand. They also come with a rubber grip for enhanced comfort.

Rock Climbing Shoes and Socks

Our Rock & Alpine climbing shoes and socks are designed to provide comfort and grip while you ascend and descend. The rubber soles of our climbing shoes have great traction and provide excellent cushioning. The elastic fabric allows for a tight fit so your shoes don’t get in the way of your next move. The leather provides a durable material for the most demanding of climbs. Our kids’ shoes are made with the same technology so your whole family can get a leg up on their next excursion.

Rock Climbing Apparel and Accessories

Rock climbing takes a toll on your gear, especially your shoes. Keep your shoes in good condition with our special shoe glue for a quick repair. We also design rock climbing chalk so you can keep your hands dry. Once you’re done, keep your climbing rope in good condition with our sacking and cleaning products. Once you’re done, head to our climbing racks to put your gear away.