Cotton Fitness Shorts

Cotton Fitness Shorts

About Our Cotton Fitness Shorts Collection

Looking to get into shape? Starting a new running program? Or just want to stay in shape? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has all the activewear you need to accomplish your fitness goals. We have a wide variety of running shorts, including gym shorts, cycling shorts, and more! Our running shorts are designed to be lightweight while staying cool so you can get the most out of your workouts. They are made with quick-dry material so you can stay on the move and change your pace when you need to. Many of our shorts come with pockets so you can carry your keys, a phone, or energy gels to keep going without interruption.

Sport Shorts

If you’re looking for more coverage, we have a wide range of gym shorts that are perfect for your workouts and your yoga sessions. They’re made to be comfortable while maintaining a durable material so they last through all your moves, and some even feature moisture wicking technology so you stay cool on even your most demanding runs. Many of our gym shorts feature pockets for storing your keys or your phone so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of another thing while you exercise.

Running Shorts

Running shorts are perfect for your most demanding runs. Breathable and durable, they’re made to handle the toughest trails and the most demanding speeds. We also design running tights and leggings so you can stay cozy on even your most demanding runs. 

Cycling Shorts

Want to go for a bike ride? We have shorts for both men and women that are perfect for your excursions on the road, in the mountains, or through the forest. They’re made to handle your most demanding terrain and demanding speeds. Our shorts are also made to be durable so they last through all your adventures!