Durable Socks

Durable Socks

About Our Durable Socks Collection


Decathlon’s brand Artengo designs socks that are perfect for your everyday adventures. Our socks are designed to be durable while staying comfortable so you can keep going. Our socks are made with different levels of cushioning so you can find the right amount of protection for your feet. We even have socks with extra cushioning for your feet while you’re running or your knees while you’re kneeling. Our socks are designed to be comfortable so you can stay on the move without having to worry about chafing or irritation. We even have socks that are moisture-wicking so you can stay dry during even your most demanding activities. 

Sport Socks

Our sport socks are designed to withstand the most demanding of your activities. We have socks that are extra cushioning for your knees and your feet, and some that are moisture-wicking to keep you dry even during your most demanding activities. Our socks are made to last, with some that are engineered to be 3 times more durable than normal. Find out more about our socks for hiking, running, cycling, skiing, and more!