Equestrian Boots

Equestrian Boots

About Our Equestrian Boots Collection

Are you looking for a pair of riding boots? Do you want something safe, secure, and comfortable? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has the perfect pair of equestrian boots for you! Our equestrian boots provide grip and comfort for your rides through wooded trails and rugged terrain. They are breathable and flexible so they don’t constrain your movements while you ride. The boots provide grip in all weather conditions, from dry to wet, so you can ride in any condition. Our equestrian boots are designed to be durable and long-lasting so you can keep going back to your favorite trail.

Boots for All Occasions

Our equestrian boots are designed for all occasions. If you’re looking for riding boots, we have both short and tall boots that are perfect for your saddle. The short boots are perfect for when you’re in the saddle, and the tall boots are ideal for when you’re on foot. They’re both durable and flexible, with the tall boots being extra tough so they can handle demanding trails. We also make waterproof riding jackets so you can brave the elements while you ride. 


If you’re looking for other equestrian gear, we’ve got you covered. We have helmets and saddles for your horse, bridles and reins so you can control your steed, and saddlery for your whole horse! For the whole family, we also make horse blankets and rugs to keep you and your horse cozy during cold weather! For more, head over to our Clothing Accessories section!