Girls Roller Skates

Girls Roller Skates

About Our Girls Roller Skates Collection

At Decathlon, we have an in-house brand focused exclusively on creating the best roller skates for kids and adults. Oxelo, our skating brand, prides itself on creating the best roller skates around. They are comfortable, easy to put on, and come in different sizes so everyone can find one that fits! The wheels are smooth and tough so you can glide around on concrete or asphalt. The brakes are strong so you can stop on a dime! The wheels are also replaceable so you can keep going for longer!

Girls Skates Accessories

Our skate accessories are there to keep you going when you need it. We have brakes and wheels so you can replace what you need to and keep on going. We also create accessories such as helmets, pads, and bags so you can be safe and ready on your next adventure.

Girls Skates

Looking to get into skating? Want to know what you need to get started? We have a complete range of roller skates for adults and kids so you can start skating right away. We also design helmets to protect against falls and pads to protect against scrapes and scratches.