Giro Scamp Helmets

Giro Scamp Helmets

About Our Giro Scamp Helmet Collection

If you’re looking to get into cycling, or if you’re just out for a fun ride, you’ll want to protect your head. That’s why we have a variety of helmets for all kinds of cycling! Decathlon-Artengo designs a whole host of helmets for men, women, and kids that are designed to be lightweight and comfortable while staying safe and secure. 

Helmet Features

Our helmets are designed to be lightweight and comfortable while being safe and secure. They are ventilated to keep your head cool while you’re on the move, and the adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit. Some even come with an integrated visor to keep the sun and rain at bay.

Giro Scamp Shoes

Our Giro Scamp shoes are designed for the road and the trail. They’re engineered to be stiff but comfortable, with dense soles that provide excellent grip and a forgiving cushion that absorbs the shock of a hard landing. The shoes feature aggressive treads that are perfect for gravel, dirt, and rock.