Horseback Riding Boots

Horseback Riding Boots

About Our Horseback Riding Boots Collection

At Decathlon, we have an in-house horseback riding brand, Artengo, that designs riding boots for both men and women. Our riding boots are designed to be comfortable and safe while you’re in the saddle. They’re made to be durable so they last through all your rides, and some even have waterproofing so they can withstand the elements while you’re out on your turf. Our boots are made with special technology that allows for a precise fit and feel.

Horseback Riding Accessories

Our horseback riding gloves are designed to provide a secure fit while staying comfortable so you can keep your grip. We also create special saddle pads that are breathable and waterproof so your horse doesn’t get too hot while you’re out on your travels. And don’t forget your riding boots! If you’re looking for more horse-related products, we have saddles, stirrups, girths, and more. 

Sport Apparel for All Your Equestrian Needs

If you’re looking for more than just horseback riding gear, Decathlon also has a full line of saddles and saddlery for your every equine need. If you’re just learning, we have beginner’s guides for both horseback riding and riding a bike. And if you’re a more advanced rider, we have saddles for a more comfortable ride.