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About Our Hunting Collection

Going into your favorite hunting grounds? Maybe you and your hunting dog are just learning for the first time. Whatever your skill level, Decathlon’s hunting gear will guide you every step of the way. 

Hunting Clothes

Every hunter needs the right hunting clothes. Our camo clothing has the perfect color so you can blend in–and our visibility clothing has the perfect color so you can stand out. Our hiking shirts are meant to be durable so they withstand the elements while being soft and comfortable, not hindering your movement while hunting. Some of our hunting tops also feature a breathable or moisture wicking material so you don’t get bogged down on your adventures. Our hiking pants are designed to fit comfortably and come with all the pockets you need to store your gear on your person. If you’re looking for extra protection against wet weather and harsh vegetation, our hunting jackets are waterproof and breathable and made with rugged materials. Some are even engineered to be extra quiet so you don’t alert your next target. 

Hunting Boots

No hunting kit is complete without the right pair of hunting boots. We design hunting boots for men, women, and kids! They’re made to be lightweight so you’re not weighed down during your outings. The special soles enhance traction so you don’t lose your grip on rugged terrain. Some feature reinforced cushioning, breathable fabric, or vegetation-resistant components for added versatility–pick the one that’s right for you!

Hunting Gear

Get all the hunting gear you need with us! Our high-volume hunting backpacks are water repellent and resistant to punctures and tears from vegetation. Our hunting knives are durable and feature rust-proof stainless steel. The ergonomic grip makes them easy to handle, and some fold away for easy storage. We also create scopes, sheaths, and bags for your trusty rifle.

Hunting Accessories

Bringing your hunting dog along with you on your trip? We have hunting accessories perfectly suited for your furry friend, including collars, visibility vests, and carrying cases. Whatever your hunting needs, we’ve got you covered!