Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Lightweight Hiking Shoes

About Our Lightweight Hiking Shoes Collection

If you’re going on an adventure, you’re going to need the right gear. If you’re hiking in the mountains, you’ll need something tough enough to withstand the rocky terrain while being flexible enough to maneuver with you on your travels. If you’re hiking in the forest, you’ll need something that won’t get stuck in the underbrush, something that moves with you and won’t hinder your progress. And if you’re going on a camping trip, you need something that won’t weigh you down but will be there when you need it. That’s why Decathlon has hiking shoes for all types of terrains and all types of adventurers.

Artengo Shoes

Our Artengo hiking shoes are designed for trails but not for roads. They’re made to be durable but flexible, and the cushioning ensures a comfortable ride on even the most demanding paths. They’re breathable, moisture wicking, and some even feature waterproofing technology so you can keep going even when the weather turns foul. And of course, they’re lightweight so you can keep going without feeling weighed down. 

Hiking Socks

Our Drymax hiking socks keep you comfortable on your long journeys. They’re lightweight, moisture wicking, and they even feature antibacterial technology so you can keep going without having to worry about odor. They provide cushioning around your feet so you can keep going without soreness.