Long Sleeve Rash Guards

Long Sleeve Rash Guards

About Our Long Sleeve Rash Guards Collection

Looking to stay protected on the water? Our Decathlon Artengo brand designs swimwear and swimming accessories to make your excursion on the ocean waves a pleasant one. Our rash guards are designed to be comfortable while also being flexible so you can move around in the water while staying protected. They’re made from quick-dry material so you can change out of it right after you get out of the water. Our swim trunks are made to be quick-dry and are comfortable for long-distance swimming. 

Swimwear Accessories

We also design swimwear accessories, including swim trunks, swim shirts, and swim briefs. We engineer our swim trunks to be quick-dry and comfortable for long-distance swimming. We also design swim shirts and swim briefs to be comfortable in the water. And don’t forget your swim socks! 

Sport Rash Guards

Want to do more than just swim? Our sport rash guards protect you from the turf, the court, and the track. We design our sport rash guards to be moisture wicking and quick drying so they keep up with your every move while protecting you from scrapes and scratches. Our designs are comfortable and flexible so you can get a grip on your tennis racket, golf club, or soccer ball without hindrance.