Men's Tights

Men's Tights

About Our Men's Tights Collection

Getting ready to go on a run? Cooling down with some yoga? Whatever kind of sport or exercise you’re doing, Decathlon’s leggings will keep you going without weighing you down and come in a variety of style. Our leggings are designed for cardio, weightlifting, tennis, hiking, and more!


Decathlon’s Kalenji running tights sport a breathable fabric that limits perspiration while maintaining moisture wicking properties so you can stay dry even during your most intense runs. They feature pockets where you can put your keys and phone and keep them secure while you’re on the move. Running in the winter? These leggings will keep you warm even in the cold–and stay comfortable during any season. 


Our Domyos brand leggings are specially engineered for weightlifting and yoga. They stretch and move with you no matter what your workout demands. Some even feature shaping properties that sculpt your figure. They are breathable so you can continue your workout without feeling bogged down. The pockets keep your things secure while you move about. And of course, they’re comfy, too! Whether you’re looking to get toned, set a new personal record, or are you just looking to start a healthier lifestyle, Decathlon has you covered. No matter what you need, we have the perfect gear for whatever your workout.

Cardio Equipment

If you’re interested in cardio, we have everything you need to get started or to take it to the next level. Get your sweat on in an elliptical, treadmill, or rowing machine! Are aerobics more your jam? We have steppers and trampolines to get you moving. We have all the exercise equipment you need to strengthen any part of your body. Interested in working your upper body? We have a whole gamut of dumbbells and weight benches perfect for your chest, shoulder, and back exercises. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, add resistance with resistance bands.

Abdominal Equipment 

Working on your abs? We have the perfect mats and abdominal equipment that are floor-friendly and perfect for core exercises and ab workouts. Kit out your home gym with weight racks that are perfect for squatting or a compact gym system for chest, back, and leg workouts. Our dip stations are perfect for tricep workouts. And if you’re still looking for more to complete your home gym, we have plenty of home gym accessories so you have everything you need without a gym membership!