Plastic Golf Tees

Plastic Golf Tees

About Our Plastic Golf Tees Collection

Looking to improve your putting? Do you want to perfect your chipping or your golfing in general? At Decathlon, we have an entire line of golf products to suit your every need. We have golf clubs and golf balls, including the MyFly golf drone, perfect for your next golf outing. We also have golf tees, including plastic golf tees, so you can get started right away.

Artengo Golf Tees

Our Artengo golf tees are made with a durable plastic material that is strong while also being flexible and resistant to breaking. The plastic is also designed to be quiet, ensuring your golfing experience isn’t interrupted by unwanted noise. The plastic is lightweight, making the tees easy and comfortable to use. Our metal golf tees are made with a durable steel material that is strong and long-lasting. The steel is also rust-resistant, ensuring your tee stays with you on your next golf outing.

Golf Accessories

We also have accessories to improve your game, including ball retrievers so you never lose another ball again. Looking to improve your grip? We have a wide variety of golf gloves and grips so you can strengthen your hold on your clubs.