Right Handed Golf Putters

Right Handed Golf Putters

Discover the Right Handed Golf Putters for Your Game

Find the perfect right handed golf putter to enhance your performance on the green. Decathlon offers a wide selection of high-quality putters designed for right handed golfers. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, our putters are engineered to improve your accuracy, control, and overall putting game.

Customizable Toe Hang

Our right handed golf putters feature customizable toe hang, allowing you to find the perfect balance and feel for your stroke. With a toe hang design, you'll experience a natural arc in your putting motion, promoting a smooth and consistent stroke. This design is favored by golfers who have a slight arc in their putting stroke, helping them achieve optimal alignment and control.

Face Balanced Stability

For golfers with a straight back and through putting stroke, our right handed face balanced putters offer exceptional stability and consistency. The face balanced design ensures that the putter face remains square throughout the stroke, minimizing unwanted twisting and promoting a straighter path. This design is ideal for golfers seeking a more stable and forgiving putting experience.