Slim Fit T Shirts

Slim Fit T Shirts

About Our Slim Fit T-Shirts Collection

Looking to add a little flair to your wardrobe? Rock a Nyamba slim fit t-shirt to head off adventuring in. These t-shirts are made with lightweight fabric that’s perfect for the summer and the winter. They’re designed to be extra soft so you can feel comfortable no matter what you’re doing.


We have a wide variety of sporty t-shirts that are perfect for your active lifestyle. Our moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool when you’re on the go and our athletic fit ensures a comfortable fit. 

Team Sports Apparel

for more heavy-duty activities, we have a whole host of activewear that’s perfect for your every-day life. We design our clothing and footwear for a variety of sports and the various conditions you find yourself in when you’re out there doing your thing. 

Football Apparel

Looking to get out on the field? We have a whole range of football apparel and footwear to help you get out there and get your game on. 

Adidas Rugby Apparel

If you’re looking to head to the pitch, we have a whole range of rugby clothing and rugby boots for men, women, and kids. If you’re going out for a casual game of golf, we’ve got the perfect golf clothing for men, women, and kids.