Spandex Shorts

Spandex Shorts

About Our Spandex Shorts Collection

Do you have a workout in your future? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Decathlon’s Artengo brand has all your athletic needs for your workouts and your casual lifestyle. Our spandex shorts are perfect for your next run or your next yoga session. They’re flexible, breathable, and dry quickly so you can stay cool and dry no matter what exercise you do. Many of our shorts also feature moisture wicking technology so you can stay dry even in heavy perspiration. Our gym shorts also feature pockets so you can carry your keys, your phone, and your wallet while you work out. 

Gym Shirts & Tops

Our gym shirts and tops are made to be breathable, moisture wicking, and quick drying so you can stay comfortable while you exercise. Many of our gym tops feature pockets so you can keep your keys, your phone, and your wallet with you while you work out. We also design gym shirts and tops that are perfect for your everyday life and your workouts. They are made to be durable, comfortable, and most of all, safe. They’re made to withstand the harsh conditions of your kitchen or your outdoors. They’re made to last through your rigorous workouts and your everyday life. 

Sport Shorts & Boardshorts

If you’re looking for a new pair of swim trunks, we’ve got you covered. Our swim shorts are perfect for swimming in the ocean or in a pool, and our boardshorts are perfect for surfing the waves in the summer. They’re durable and resistant to the salt water.