Stretchy Shorts

Stretchy Shorts

About Our Stretchy Shorts Collection

Looking to do yoga? Going for a run? Do what you need to do in our activewear that moves with you while staying comfortable. Our Artengo brand designs stretchy shorts that move with you during your workouts and won’t get in your way. They’re made with quick-dry technology so you can stay cool and dry during your workout. Our hiking shorts are designed to be durable and flexible so they’re there for you on your travels. They’re comfortable and don’t weigh you down during your travels.

Sport Shorts

Looking for more than just running shorts? Decathlon’s Sport shorts are designed to handle all your needs, whether you’re running, cycling, hiking, or playing soccer and basketball. We have shorts made for all types of activities, including cycling shorts, hunting shorts, snowboarding pants, rugby shorts, and swimming trunks.

Sport Apparel

In addition to shorts, we also have tights for cycling and running as well as base layers for hiking and running. We also design shirts for hiking and running and pants for sporting climbing and hunting. For more information on the types of clothing and gear you need for your adventure, take a look at our blog for more information on the types of clothing you need and what to look for when starting a new hobby.