Sun Protection Shirts

Sun Protection Shirts

About Our Sun Protection Shirts Collection

Going hiking in the summer? Spending some time golfing on the green? Prepping for a marathon or a big soccer tournament? Looking to relax on the beach or by the pool? Whatever your sport, Decathlon’s Artengo brand has the right gear for you. We have activewear that moves with you and won’t hold you back when you want to keep going.

Sun Protection

We have sun protection shirts that protect you from harmful UV rays while you’re out in the sun. They’re breathable and moisture wicking so you can stay cool and dry. Many of our shirts feature UV protection technology so you can stay protected without sacrificing breathability. We also have UV protection hats to protect your head and face!

Sport Shorts

Sport shorts are an essential part of any activewear collection. They are comfortable and breathable, with some even featuring quick-dry technology. Our sport shorts are meant to be paired with our sport shirts and the perfect accessory to your sports gear. Don’t forget your sports equipment: we have hiking backpacks, hiking boots, hiking shoes, hiking pants, hiking accessories, and more!