Warm Pants For Winter

Warm Pants For Winter

About Our Warm Pants for Winter Collection

Looking to stay cozy this winter? Decathlon’s Quechua brand has you covered. We have winter hiking pants that are specially designed to be lightweight, breathable, and waterproof so you can brave the elements. They’re made with quick-dry material so you can change right after a heavy downpour. Our winter hiking pants feature pockets so you can carry all the gear you need while on the move.

Winter Jackets

Quechua also has an extensive collection of hiking jackets to prepare you for all types of weather. We have heavy-duty jackets that are perfect for the cold, and others that are lightweight and breathable for when you’re hiking in the fall or the spring. All of our jackets are waterproof so you can brave the elements without worry. Many of our jackets feature vents to improve breathability, and all of them are made with flexible material that moves with you on your travels. If you already have a jacket and just need something to keep it warm, we have a collection of pocket warmer pouches that attach to your jacket so you can keep your hands warm on your next excursion.

Warm Socks for Winter

Quechua also has a full range of warm socks for men, women, and kids. Our warming socks are made with a mix of wool and polypropylene to provide you with the most warmth. They’re specially designed to be thick but not heavy so they can be worn with your hiking boots.