Women's Skates

Women's Skates

About Our Women's Skates Collection

At Decathlon, we have an in-house skate brand, Oxelo, designed specifically for skating in the winter season. Our Oxelo skates are perfect for your winter adventures! They’re designed to be stable, with a stiffening plate that increases rigidity to ensure control while on the ice. The boots are warm and waterproof so you can stay dry while you glide around! The stiffening plate also improves the rebound of the skate so you can get back to skating in no time.

Skates Accessories

Our skate blades are made of steel and aluminum so they can withstand the wear and tear while on the ice. We also design brakes and holders so you can control your speed while on your journey. We even design guards to protect you from the rough edges of the ice! 

Girls Skates

Looking for girls skates? We have a whole range of kids’ skates that are perfect for learning how to skate on the ice! They’re lightweight, flexible, and have brakes for added control. The boots are comfortable and waterproof so you can stay dry during your lessons. Our brakes are easy to install and remove so you can get on the ice in no time! 

Oxelo Skates

If you’re already an expert, you’ll need a pair of high-performance skates that can keep up with you on the ice. Our Oxelo skates are designed for speed and performance and are perfect for racing on the ice. Our brakes are easy to install and remove so you can get on the ice whenever you want to!

Skate Accessories

Once you have your new pair of skates, make sure you have all the right gear to go with it! We have pads to protect against scrapes and bruises, helmets to protect against falls, and clothing to keep you cozy on the ice.