Women's Travel Pants

Women's Travel Pants

About Our Women's Travel Pants Collection

Going on a long trip? Decathlon’s Artengo hiking brand has the perfect pants for your adventures. They’re lightweight, breathable, and flexible so you can move around without any hindrance. They’re also water resistant so they’ll keep up with you on your travels. Our pants are made with quick-dry technology so they dry quickly after being exposed to moisture. Many of our pants feature pockets so you can keep your most important items close by.

Hiking Pants

Our hiking pants are designed for your most demanding journeys. They’re made with durable material to withstand rough terrain and long grass. The elastic in the waistband ensures a comfortable fit even on the trail. The material is lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool on even your most demanding journeys. Don’t worry about getting your pants dirty–they’re made to withstand dirt and grime so you can keep on adventuring.

Trekking Pants

If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, our hiking pants are made with durable material so they can withstand the elements. They’re flexible, allowing for easy movement, and the elastic ensures a comfortable fit. The material is breathable, keeping you cool on even your most demanding journeys. Our hiking pants are made to withstand the elements, staying flexible and durable even in tough conditions.