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Hello, San Francisco!

Come meet your new neighbors! We’re excited to show you everything Decathlon has to offer. More than a sporting goods store, we want to be a community spot for athletes of all kinds. We love the area and can’t wait to explore and share our love of sports and innovation. Let’s go!

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Meet Our Store Team


I value Decathlon’s efforts at 100% customer satisfaction. When you’re bringing sports to all, that means making everyone happy!

Ask me about racket sports, soccer, track & field, and cycling.


Everyone in Decathlon is so passionate about what they are doing, regardless of their position. Going to work every day is like having fun with your family. Outside of work, I cook, travel, practice film photography and enjoy great food.

Ask me about windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, badminton and hiking.


Decathlon is truly about sports users: If you don't like a product, we will change it. In my free time, I like to cook, travel and do woodworking.

Ask me about snowboarding, skimboarding, wakeboarding, longboarding, surfing and backpacking.


It is so refreshing to be part of an innovative company that focuses on quality and affordability, as well as 100% customer satisfaction, rather than quantities and sales. In my free time, I enjoy adventuring and trailblazing with my horse, exploring and dancing at every opportunity.

Ask me about horse riding, dancing, hiking, yoga, water sports, roller skating and volleyball.


There are so many great things about Decathlon! If I had to narrow it down to just one, I would say the open-minded and \"out of the box\" mentality of the company is my favorite. We are not afraid to try new things and make mistakes because we know they can only make us stronger. Outside of work, I love playing any sport, practicing art and design, and traveling.

Ask me about golf, baseball, basketball, football and tennis.


I love that Decathlon is a place where you can share your passion with those around you. It really feels like a family. In my free time, I love playing sports and finding great places to eat after, as well as sight-seeing and exploring new places.

Ask me about basketball, volleyball, hiking and snowboarding.


Decathlon is great because it makes sports accessible to the many. Outside of work, I enjoy sports, traveling, cinema, cooking and share meals with friends.

Ask me about soccer, racket sports, running, snowboarding and backpacking.


I love that Decathlon talks the talk and walks the walk. Being a part of such dedicated team is an incredible experience. Outside of work, I love traveling and exploring the outdoors.

Ask me about snowboarding, backpacking, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, volleyball and surfing.


Decathlon has a rich history of serving the sports community for the past 40 years. I'm excited to see what the next 40 years will look like. I love exploring restaurants, watching a subtitled movie and laughing ... A lot!!!

Ask me about baseball, CrossFit, obstacle course racing and open water swimming.


I like that Decathlon gives each member the opportunity to try a new skill. Sports bring people of all backgrounds together to achieve a common goal, and I'm proud to be part of that. In my free time, I enjoy being out in nature.

Ask me about ice hockey, hiking and boxing.

Advice from sport experts

Testing of our products

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Free internet

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…and of course smiles from our team!