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Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag

Sale price: $69.99 Regular price:

It is extremely durable and watertight (IPX6) thanks to its roll-top design.

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Sale price: $69.99 Regular price:

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About this item:

  • Dimensions: 19.3” (top tube) x 14.6” (down tube) x 2.95” (width) / Weight: 19.75 oz (560 g)
  • IPX6 rated: 100% resistant to rain, tire spray, and mud.
  • Capacity: 8.5 liters
  • Compatible with the Triban gravel bikes and Riverside touring bikes in Size M/L/XL. (Code 8579471 for XS/S) For other bikes, please check the bag's dimensions.
Model: 8579472

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A photo of the Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag in use

Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag | Our team of bikepackers has designed this IPX6 waterproof frame bag for storing heavy items and/or for quickly accessing your things when bikepacking

It is extremely durable and watertight (IPX6) thanks to its roll-top design.


Designed to stand the test of time and cope with the most demanding routes.


8,5 litres


The bag is 100% resistant to rain, tyre spray and mud. IPX6 rated


Remains stable, even on the steepest terrain.


Hole for your water bladder tube to pass through.

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Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag, dark green Image 1 of 5 

Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag, dark green Image 2 of 5 

Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag, dark green Image 3 of 5 

Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag, dark green Image 4 of 5 

Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag, dark green Image 5 of 5

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51 Reviews
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Bikepacking IPX6 Waterproof Size M L XL Full Frame Roll-Top Bag, dark green Image 5 of 5
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Great frame bag.…

Great frame bag. this year served me for 1000km and 17000+ altitude difference. I put cereal bars in it and mainly to put a 2l hydration bag. Just the hole to take out the pipe I would have put it on the front

Incompatible GRVL 120

Contrary to what is indicated, the bag is not compatible with all GRAVEL TRIBAN. On the GRVL 120, the scratches fall right on the brake and derailleur cables. We can get by by moving the small scratches on the other loops but for the large central scratch, this one cannot be moved and comes to catch the brake cable which is extremely dangerous. I do not recommend this bag for frames with cables running outside. On the other hand, for frames with cables passing inside I think it's an excellent bag. Mixed opinion because a sense that the bag is of excellent quality and perfectly waterproof, its size is made to the millimeter for TRIBAN frames which is a huge plus. But we quickly realize in the field that it suffers from design errors: the flap opening is not at all practical and makes access to the interior almost inaccessible. The competition does better with a simple zip to access the content. Little extra: protective stickers are provided and you absolutely must put them on to protect your frame. I hadn't done it and in a single gravel outing the friction between the bag and the frame sanded the paint off the frame!!! Conclusion: I will no longer use it and will return the bag to Decathlon. It is not suitable for frames whose cables do not pass inside: it would be good to add this to the description to inform customers. Despite the inconvenient opening, the flap promotes waterproofing and the items are not afraid of water. I think it's a very good bag for TRIBAN and RIVERSIDE bikes with cable routing inside the frames. For the other bikes in the range, go your way.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Perfect for bikepacking

I have it on the Triban RC120 - but it should fit most RR/gravel bikes. I converted the RC120 to gravel and did 2 longer tours with it. Easy to attach with Velcro, access made difficult by the rolling mechanism (similar to Orlieb bags). As many have written, it is best to put contents in plastic bags so that they then "slide" into the bag. I can't comment on waterproofness; but it shouldn't be a problem given the principle and design. Summary: Highly recommended; especially for the price!

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Does the job!

I hesitated for a long time before ordering this bag given some of the comments I read. Returning from a mountaineering / cycling / bivouac trip in the mountains, I can say that it does perfectly what I expect from such a bag. I had put in it: a small foldable tripod for a camera, two large Ziplocks full of seeds/cereal bars, a "MTB HAND PUMP" pump from Decathlon, two 26" inner tubes, a wheel repair kit, a fleece for quick access. The bag was full but could close without problem. I (practically) never had my legs rub against the bag. No problem with scratches wearing out my shorts (I wore a a good snip to adjust the Velcro straps before leaving). She spent the night outside in the rain and everything inside was dry the next day, no problem! Now for the small negative points: 1. The bag is black . As soon as the sun hits it, everything inside becomes very hot very quickly. I'll let you imagine the face of the chocolate cereal bars when you take them out :-) I wonder about the choice of color; would that be? Is it possible to make it white to “attenuate” the heating effect? 2. The little "scratch" that is inside to hold the water bag had a tendency to get caught on the fleece that I put inside. I didn't feel like I could remove this interior scratch. Last clarification: the bag was delivered to me with "protective plastic strips" for my frame, to stick to the places where the support hooks come to rest. I do not regret my choice/purchase and I highly recommend.

Very good product

High-quality materials, very good Velcro, the bag is firmly attached. The bag is wide enough, anything wider would cause knee-slapping. Rolling the closure is a good idea. You need to learn how to pack and arrange things properly. I recommend

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Practical, solid and waterproof

I am very satisfied with this purchase. The fixing system fulfills its role well. The bag is solid. I chose it because the closure is roll-top, it is perhaps less practical than a zipper but more durable. However, I do not use the water pocket system which I find impractical.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

I looked at many similar frame bags, and this one fit the size of my bike best. It completely fills the triangle, the attachment points are also good (the velcro can be moved and works in both directions, except for the wide one). Based on the dimensioned drawing, I was able to check the fit before purchasing online. It would be nice to have a printable pdf from which you can glue together a 1:1 size template (other brands offer this). During two weeks of bike touring, I put in the heavier things, mainly bike tools and spare parts, spare inner. It didn't move, it didn't bulge in the middle (and it doesn't have an internal velcro to prevent this). Inside, above, there are two fixing points where the pump can be placed. Because of the rolltop, I couldn't put the 50 cm tent pole on the bike. It withstands all-day rain very well, and kept everything in it perfectly dry. It is easy to clean, whether on the bike or after a tour. It sticks out a little more to the right because of the rolltop, but it never touched my knees. This must be taken into account when installing and closing. You should not overload it with things that push the pages apart. I really liked it, it will be an eternal piece for long tours.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
The ugly duckling of the range

Having the entire Riverside bikepacking range and being very satisfied, I allow myself a constructive criticism of the frame bag, which is my only disappointment. My first disappointment is the water bag system. The hole is very badly placed since in the "roll" instead of being in front like competing products. This poses 2 problems, the first being a loss of length of the pipe (this being generally short because it is not intended for frame bags, especially this one which is very deep). Then the real problem and that the "roll" crushes the pipe so much that we cannot therefore use the water bag (the water does not come out)! The alternative technique is not to close the bag but the seal is lost and the pipe becomes awkward at the level of the legs. Then this roll system is not at all practical for accessing things inside (see the competition offers a side opening). Otherwise it would have required a second opening halfway through the bag to access the bottom, for example the water pocket. This problem is amplified by the interior scratches which hinder access to things in addition to damaging them! I'm not even talking about using it with a bicycle pump or pegs because then it simply becomes impossible to access the rest of the bag. Finally it can be quite difficult to pedal the bag being filled (not to crack either) because the openings touch the legs. It's a shame that all these little design errors have not been identified before because the rest of the range is very interesting and robust.

Overall summary with the use of frame arms

The bag fits comfortably in the frame and on another bike, but it is really necessary to check the dimensions. She rowed me there. It didn't hinder me in any way while driving. Attached so well, she held tight. BUT, on the one hand, the bag damaged the paint on the frame (I'm not an esthetician, so I'd probably survive that) and the second BUT bothered me much more, and that's the overall access to the bag - it's from the top. Access to the bag when fixed in the frame is difficult. I understand that it is caused by the selected type of braking due to waterproofing, but it is really impractical. Try to get something out of it in the dark at night. I have all three bras (under the saddle, on the handlebars and in the frame) and this one was not much compared to the last two. They are all higher than the competition, but I bought them because of the price/performance ratio. If in the future the access to the bag would be better resolved, I would consider purchasing them again. So those who want a more "sophisticated" product have to pay extra for other brands.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Failure in construction materials

My comment is focused on the materials used in the bag and what it has been designed for. This product is designed, according to the brand itself, for a very specific bicycle frame, which I have owned since December 2022, as it is a Riverside 900 touring, that is, I use the Decathlon brand bicycle and bag. After an outing of about 50 km on my bicycle carrying the bag on the frame, when I disassemble it to make a series of more precise adjustments I find significant damage to the paint of the frame in all the areas that are anchored to it by means of velcro straps. . Normally when I put an accessory in the frame I use to protect it in some way, but not on this occasion, understanding that a bag designed for this purpose and that is not exactly cheap has already tested the materials for which it was designed. I find myself with a bicycle that is new and with damage to the frame. After speaking with the after-sales service and acknowledging that what had happened was not normal, they told me to take the claim to higher levels to assess a possible solution. After three weeks without hearing, I go back to the establishment to inquire about the status of the claim, informing me that the result of the damage has been due to improper use on my part since I had to have protected the painting in some way before put the bag NOWHERE DO THEY REPORT THAT PLACING THE BAG WITHOUT PROTECTION ON THE FRAME CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE FRAME. I have been a Decathlon customer for many years, I deeply regret the terrible service provided by the brand when the problems appeared.

Great product

Functional and economical product, very aesthetically pleasing and robust. Really good every detail is studied in detail.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Good product overall...

Good product overall with affordable price,

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Great bag, waterproof and…

Super bag, waterproof and robust.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Convenient for long distances

I use this frame bag on my gravel for long distances. It is very solid and practical to put a water bag in (provided you find an easy and accessible system to be able to connect the mouthpiece easily in order to be able to drink along the way). I also add jacket, tools, padlocks... The capacity is comfortable but cannot contain large things, at the risk of rubbing your thighs when you pedal. The attachment system is robust, and the seal well respected. It does not necessarily have more advantages than bottle cages + other types of saddlebags.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
In the top

Perfect for an RC520 size M. The closing system is not very accessible but it does not deserve one star less.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
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Additional Product Information


Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester ; Coating: 100.0% Polyurethane ; Flap: 100.0% Polyamide

Ipx6 waterproofing

Watertight thanks to the roll top system. Rated IPX6 for waterproofing. This Ingress Protection Rating means that the product withstands a high-pressure water stream (100 L/min) from any angle.

Up for any bikepacking adventure

Increased durability thanks to the 600D polyester material and a stiff, thermoformed shell.


Large volume of 8.5 litres. Straps for attaching a pump or tent pegs.

Compatible with water bladders

Opening for your water bladder's tube that retains the IPX6 waterproofing.

Frame protection film

Despite all of our design efforts and the choice of components to reduce rubbing against the frame, there will still be risks of wear on any bag on the market. The full frame bag comes with a frame protection kit that helps to protect your frame during use.

Universal mount

Adjustable rip-tab fastening. Rip-tabs designed to avoid scratching your frame's paintwork.


Compatible with the Triban gravel bikes and Riverside touring bikes in size M/L/XL. For other bikes, please check the bag's dimensions.


Dimensions: 49 (top tube) x 37 (down tube) x 7.5 (width) cm Weight: 560 g



Superior quality. Unbeatable prices.

For 40 years, Decathlon has delivered the best value in the retail sports industry by offering high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective products.

Decathlon makes the difference
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    Research and development

    delivers high-quality cost-effective products

  2. State-of-the-art production processes

    minimize manufacturing costs

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    lowers overhead and indirect costs


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