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Dreamscape SNB100 All-Mountain and Freestyle Snowboard Men's

Sale price: $229.00 Regular price:

Its flat camber, large rocker, and soft flex will put an end to any edge mistakes. Your session will be enjoyable and you will learn a lot!

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Sale price: $229.00 Regular price:

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Model: 8660203

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Product Features

Dreamscape SNB100 All-Mountain and Freestyle Snowboard Men's | A team of snowboarding enthusiasts developed this ultra-lively and easygoing board to learn to snowboard with confidence

Its flat camber, large rocker, and soft flex will put an end to any edge mistakes. Your session will be enjoyable and you will learn a lot!

A photo of the Dreamscape SNB100 All-Mountain and Freestyle Snowboard Men's in use
A photo of the Dreamscape SNB100 All-Mountain and Freestyle Snowboard Men's in use


70% piste, 10% off-piste, 20% park

Easy to handle

Very soft torsional stiffness and large rocker making it very lively


Floats more easily in powder snow thanks to its flat camber and rocker


Good edge grip and easy side-slipping thanks to the large rocker

Anatomical design

152 cm: 5'6” to 5'9”156 cm: 5'7” to 5'8”160 cm Mid Wide: 5'9” to 6'3”


Flex 3/10. Ideal for learning to ride


Soft torsional stiffness for easy and lively riding

Glide performance

Extruded PE base for smooth gliding quality

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Product Customer Reviews

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26 Reviews
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Recommended board for beginners…

Recommended board for beginners and it's great. Very flexible, it allows you to find your balance well to begin with.

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Snowboard to learn

These are my first steps in snowboarding, very maneuverable and the turns are done naturally, I recommend.

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A nice snowboard not…

A nice, not too expensive snowboard for the slopes.

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Excellent for beginner/intermediate

Easy to use

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nice design and perfect on the slopes, less suitable for new/deep snow

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Fun entry board even for the more advanced rider.

I bought 2 boards the other week for a trip to Austria, I’m 6ft 4in and based on weight rather than height, I got the Allroad 500 163cm that I’d ordered and just because the decathlon branch actually had one in stock, I bought the SNB100 at the same time in the 160MW as it’s so cheap. Third day of my trip to Austria, where it was 10 degrees and the snow was more like granulated ice form a slush puppy and not fluffy and powdery as I was hoping for to make use of the Allroad500, I changed to the SNB100 and then the fun began! This board just fills you with confidence! Never caught an edge, even on flat boring sections, super easy to throw around, bites fairly well on ice and was impressive quick with the factory wax. I topped out at 40mph without too much board chatter and with some lovely big carves and I had no fear of not being able to stop. Technically, I’d say I’m an all mountain boarder, not phased by parks and tricks, just like to eat up the miles and the elevation, find some tree lines and this board puts a smile on your face doing it. Being a midwide it’s good for the larger footed rider at the expense of some agility, as the board is wider in the middle, but it didn’t hesitate to do what I asked of it! Yes the Allroad500 carves better (if you work a bit more for it) and when the powder days occur on my next trip, I’ll probably get more use on that board, but as my every day board, the SNB100 with flat camber and rockers on either end just encouraged me to improve my skills and gave me confidence to venture anywhere on the mountain, just not the 78% HaraKiri, but that’s not the boards fault, I’m sure it would give it a go! 6ft4in, 82kg, size 10 boots. Budget conscious, intermediate/advanced rider.

Entry level model

Hello everyone, I have been traveling on rental boards for 3 years. That was my introduction to the snowboard scene. I didn't want to keep paying the rental fee. That's why I looked for an option that was inexpensive. In comparison to the rental boards, I would describe it like this. Before, I rode in winter with summer tires (with the rental boards). Now I got the board and now I ride in snow with winter tires. The driving experience is much better and movement is much easier. I had been specifically to a specialist who sells boards. He was positively surprised by the quality himself. The seller himself said that the boots are more important. Better feeling in your feet, better riding experience on the slopes. I would recommend good advice and budget a little more money. There is room for improvement, but at the moment I'm totally satisfied and putting it together with the binding was really easy.

Board at the top

Nice board and very handy


Maximum satisfaction, would buy again

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Great board

It will make progress much easier for beginners.

Beginner board

Tested today. After 4 years without snowboarding, I wanted a cheap board to get back into snowboarding. I quickly got back in through the forgiving board. Very playful with a fun flex. For me as a 90kg man rather too much flex on the size of the board of 152... I rode on slopes with hard snow, edge grips well. There was also some powder. This also worked. Unfortunately I couldn't test the park (boxes, rails...) but I think this could be fun with the board. Price/performance = Hammernice I can recommend the board to beginners to learn how to ride and to fool around a bit :-)

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Perfect board to start

I bought this board not wanting to spend too much and being a beginner. Handy, stable and perfect board for beginners. Highly recommended

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Beyond my expectations.

Quality, precision of movement, reliable in tricky situations!

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Beautiful encounter

During an equipment test in Ax les 3 Domaines (Ariège), I tested this board as a freestyle board. Surprised by its versatility, I had fun in several types of snow, on the edge of the slopes, between the fir trees... Despite the limited snow cover and the closed snowpark. It works very well. The carre carre passage, the Switch, is simple and natural. It carve it turns short. But, it's still too stiff a board for freestyle. I rather felt a twintype comfortable to ride. Thank you to the ski-test team at Ax 3 areas. It was cool as well as interesting.


Satisfied, excellent value for money for both the table and the bindings

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Additional Product Information


Board (for surf): 5.0% Steel, 40.0% Epoxy Resin, 30.0% Wood, 25.0% Glass Fiber

Technical information

Sintered base20 mm poplar wooden coreNumber of inserts: 10 + 10Directional twin tipSetback: 20 mmSize 152:Front width 291 mm, center 250 mm, rear 291 mm Radius 8.2 m Recommended stance: 540 mm. Size 156 cm:Front width 295 mm, center 253 mm, rear 295 mm Radius 8.5 m Recommended stance: 550 mm. Size 160 Mid Wide cm:Front width 309 mm, center 265 mm, rear 309 mm Radius 8.5 m Recommended stance: 575 mm.

What size of snb100 should you choose?

In general, for all-terrain use/when learning how to snowboard, choose a size that is 15 to 20cm (6Inch-8Inch)shorter than your height e.g. a woman who is 1.66m (5 ft5Inch)tall should choose a board between 151 and 146cm (4 ft11Inch & 4 ft9Inch) in length. Shorter boards are easier to control. This is also advised for people who are light for their height. A bigger board will be more stable at high speed. 152cm (30-60 kg)=>5 ft6Inch-5 ft9Inch156cm (50-80 kg)=>5 ft7Inch-5 ft10Inch 160cm Mid Wide (70-90 kg)=>5 ft9Inch-6 ft3Inch

A word from the product manager

The SNB100 board is the easiest board in the range to ride. This board is for learning how to snowboard. It is easy to ride and forgiving of mistakes giving you an introduction to freestyle


The SNB100 is forgiving of all the imperfections of learning to snowboard. On pistes, it is easy to turn on all types of snow, while offering reassuring edge grip on hard snow. With its flat camber and large rocker, it makes learning to ride and discovering freestyle easier for beginners. If you are looking for a cheap board to jib, its flexibility will give you complete satisfaction on every street spot.

Twin-tipped directional snowboard

The shape of the snowboard is twin-tipped: The board fts sidecuts are completely symmetrical between front and rear, providing perfect symmetry and centering of the board fts features for riding in both directions in the same way. For even more versatility, the 20 mm inserts are offset, making the SNB100 a Inchfalse Inch twin tip, so that it is directional enough for learning how to snowboard more easily.

Flat camber and long rocker

A flat camber offers the best compromise between a standard camber, which provides traction and dynamic motion, and a reverse camber, which provides maneuverability when turning but little traction. It is ideal for beginners because:- the flat camber provides stability on modules or on piste- the long rocker is forgiving in snow parks and on piste because the 4 corners of the board do not touch the snow when the board is laid flat.

Slight flex (3/10)

Flex is the stiffness of the board between the front and rear. The flex of the SNB100 board is approximately 3/10, making it very tolerant and lively. This is a very consistent type of flex from the front shovel (nose) to the rear shovel (tail), which is predictable and lively on all types of terrain. On the other hand, at high speed or on very frozen snow, this board will not carve out turns as well, and will have less pop compared to an Endzone 500

Soft and forgiving torsion

The torsional stiffness, i.e. the stiffness of the board to twisting between the feet, is about 2/5 on the SNB100, which makes the board easy to handle and turn and is forgiving of edge mistakes. Soft torsion for free movement between the feet. It is important at the beginner level: forgiving of edge errors. Soft torsion is also suitable for freestyle, jib, or flat use. Perfect for shredding!

20 mm setback

The setback is when the board's compression points with the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the center of the board, but set back toward the rear. The bindings are also set back toward the rear by the same distance.20 mm setback = given that the setback is very slight, it is an all-round board that is almost centered for riding in both directions but also provides balance in turns and rotations.

Product testing

All Dreamscape by Decathlon snowboarding products are tested under the actual conditions of use for which they were designed. In the snow, in the cold, in all conditions you may come across when snowboarding whether in powder, in the park, or on the piste. The design teams check that the program for which the product was conceived and developed perfectly matches its use in the field.

Storage instructions

Dry edges at the end of the day to prevent rust. Ideally, wax every 5 outings.Storing for the summer: keep away from sunlight, you can leave your bindings on the board.




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