Decathlon Easybreath Mask & COVID-19

As in sports, working together as a team is critical to achieving goals. We are thankful for health care professionals and emergency service personnel and are committed to doing our part to help where we can during this COVID-19 situation.

Decathlon Easybreath Mask & COVID-19

Our entire Decathlon team is grateful for our healthcare professionals, first responders and emergency service personnel around the world who are working around the clock for the health and safety of our global communities. We want to say THANK YOU for all you are doing to help others.

As you may know, many companies, universities, hospitals, medical researchers, and individuals are testing our Easybreath snorkeling mask for use in medical settings - in the USA and around the world.

Our design teams are collaborating with and helping researchers as much as possible with the technical information on the snorkeling mask. Although our team has limited medical expertise, we are doing everything we can to share the technical information required to support these efforts to search for solutions and create a prototype.

We are prioritizing available Easybreath masks as much as possible for health care and emergency service workers by limiting Easybreath mask orders to 2 per customer. For more information, technical details or bulk ordering information for health care use, please send us an email at

Our team is working with local hospitals and medical professionals around the world to support our communities’ needs as much as possible during this challenging time.

As in sports, by working together as a team, great things can be accomplished. Together, applying our collective energy, we are best positioned to beat any opponent - no matter how powerful it may be.

Take care,
All of us at Decathlon

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