Decathlon Easybreath Mask: COVID-19 Update

Decathlon designed and built the Easybreath mask to be used as a snorkel; it is not validated for COVID-19 prevention or treatment. We are providing technical assistance to those exploring alterations and following ongoing tests.

Decathlon Easybreath Mask: COVID-19 Update

To our Decathlon community,

Decathlon’s Easybreath mask, the original full-face snorkeling mask, has recently been featured across a number of channels that suggest the mask offers protection against the novel coronavirus. The mask was not designed for this purpose. As it was originally and specifically designed for snorkeling, we recommend that you do not attempt to modify the mask yourself; this could compromise its functionality, particularly with regard to air flows. 

However, given the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves, in our shared sense of solidarity and responsibility, Decathlon teams are currently providing technical assistance to various research centers in France and in other countries to adapt the Easybreath mask as a ventilator. We have shared the Easybreath mask’s 3D design with researchers, and we’re closely following the tests conducted to determine whether it is indeed possible to adapt the Easybreath mask.

We will provide updates for developments on this topic. 

From our family to yours, please stay safe. 

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