Bodyboards & Boogie boards

Bodyboards & Boogie boards

About Our Bodyboards Collection

Looking to catch some waves? Olaian, our surf brand, prides itself on being made on the shores of Hendaye, the perfect spot for designing and prototyping in real-world conditions. Olaian designs a variety of bodyboards and boogie boards so you can find the one that’s right for you. We have foam boards that are durable and feature enhanced glide performance so you have a better time in the water. Some even feature their own leashes so you and your board can stick together! Do you already have a form board and just need to repair it? We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to introduce your kids to bodyboarding, our inflatable boards are perfect for young learners to get into something new in the water!


If you’re ready to head to the waves, you’re going to need the right gear for getting wet. Our wetsuits are designed for all kinds of water temperatures and don’t constrict you in or out of the water. They afford great freedom of movement so you won’t feel constrained in the water while also reducing irritation. And, naturally, they’re waterproof! Our men’s and women’s swimwear can withstand the gnarliest waves and are engineered to be quick drying so you can move between the water and the sand with ease.

UV Protection

Looking for UV protection? We have a whole range of UV protection gear for men, women, and kids! Our UV protection gear blocks 95% of harmful rays, even when wet! And if you’re getting out of the water, we have towels and ponchos to dry off with and beach sandals to get around the beach (or pool)!

Get out there! Whether you’re new or an expert, don't forget to stay safe!