Fishing Apparel

About Our Fishing Collection

Ready to hit your favorite fishing spot? Whether you’re trying to learn at the nearby lake or ready to adventure out to new waters, Decathlon’s Caperlan brand got you covered with the fishing gear right for you. 

Baits and Lures

Our selection of lures includes a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit different fishing conditions and species. We have stickbaits, poppers, jerkbaits, crankbaits, spinners, jigs, and more.

Float Tubes

Our float tubes are perfect for fishing in still waters such as lakes and ponds. We propose top-quality inflatable fishing floattubes designed to enhance your angling experience. There are made of sturdy and durable material, which ensures longevity and offers excellent value for money.

Bags and Chestpacks

Our storage solutions are designed to keep your fishing gear organized and within easy reach. They have multiple compartments for storing lures, hooks, lines, and other accessories.

Rods and Reels

Our range of lure fishing rods and reels is designed for the passionate angler seeking versatile equipment that can handle various fishing conditions in freshwater and saltwater fishing. 

Terminal tackles

Our terminal tackle includes hooks, swivels, sinkers, leaders, and other accessories that are essential for successful fishing. We offer different sizes and strengths to match the fish you are targeting

Fishing Clothing

No fisher is complete without the right clothing. We also have a range of fishing clothing that is comfortable, lightweight, and durable. Our fishing clothing features multiple pockets so you can carry everything you need when fishing in your favorite spot. Our fishing jackets are waterproof with watertight seams, a breathable fabric, and zippers that are resistant to saltwater. Our waders are grippy, waterproof, and puncture resistant so you’ll always feel secure, comfortable, and dry while fishing. 

Browse our collection and find the fishing gear that suits your needs