Flex Shoes

Flex Shoes

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About Our Flex Shoes Collection

Looking to get into yoga? Want to start running? Whatever your sport, Decathlon's got you covered. We have shoes that are perfect for whatever you need, whether you're going for a quick run around the block or hitting the track for a marathon. Our shoes are designed with your every stride in mind and are made to be comfortable, durable, and flexible so you can move freely without any constraints on your body.

Newfeel Flex Shoes

Our Newfeel brand has created a line of shoes that are perfect for your active lifestyle. They're designed to be flexible so you can move about freely while maintaining control, and the rubber outsole is durable and grips the ground so you don't slip on the grass or pavement. The shoes are engineered to be breathable, keeping your feet cool, dry, and comfortable no matter how long or hard you run or exercise.