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Get all the gear you need to make running, either for fun or competition, a blast.

Weekend warriors or daily multi-milers love to run in and around San Francisco. Ample hilly streets, gorgeous coastal trails and easy access to off-road options — wherever you like to go and for however long, this curated Get Going Pack gathers all the gear you need.

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San Francisco Routes

Bay Area Ridge Trail
If you’re feeling adventurous, the Bay Area Ridge Trail currently has 375 miles of trail for you to explore. As the name implies, the trail encompasses the Bay and transverses several Bay Area peaks. The trails range from easy to challenging. Stick with your comfort level or be adventurous and test your abilities!

Pacific Association cross-country races
If you’re new to the city and you’re looking for a great place to hit the trails without fighting the traffic, you can stay in town and head to Golden Gate Park, where you’ll find Lindley Meadows. The meadows and polo field are home to several high school, collegiate and club cross-country races starting in late summer and concluding in December with the local club championship. Occasionally, the USATF Cross Country Club Championships are held there. Most recently, the event was held in 2015. Take advantage of detailed race maps and choose your running distance! If you’re feeling daring, join a local club and train for one or all of the Pacific Association cross-country races.

San Francisco Running Guide
Why not take the route most traveled? Strava has put together a San Francisco Running Guide that you can reference for your runs. Download the app, select a route and catch some of the most beautiful running routes the Bay has to offer.


Let's Run
Check out this forum for runners. It'll connect you to a global community.

USA Track & Field
Visit the official website of USA Track & Field to keep up with top accomplishments in this sport.

Read FloTrack to stay on top of news from runners in universities, the military and more.

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