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San Francisco: The city of unpredictable weather. Local runners know, our city's unique weather patterns can make running each day a challenge. Look at our runner's Get Going Pack to get your daily run in rain or shine.

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Getting started

Beginners Guide
This New York Times article gives a great guide on how to get started on running. I highly recommend the run-walk method pioneered by the Olympian Jeff Galloway because it will help you improve your endurance while enjoying the challenge of pacing and pushing yourself.

Multiple apps are available to help you step up your running game! These will help you to track your miles, heartrate, routes, speed, and much more. Most of them also allow you to post your run history to share with public. This means you can find which routes others runners run near you! It’s certainly a fun way to visually track your runs. Some of my top recommendations are Strava and MapMyRun.

Running Communities
Find running communities on Sports & Fitness Meetup. Also check out Decathlon USA’s LLC meetup page for all running events happening here at the Decathlon USA LLC store.

Your First Half Marathon
When I first signed up for a half marathon, I had 9 weeks to train. I decided to follow this training plan online to keep myself accountable without a coach or running buddy! Check out to see which plan I followed.

Get Fit Through HIIT

What is HIIT?
HIIT is the acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training; it incorporates 30 seconds to 1 minute of intense workouts with 10-30 seconds of breaks in between. According to various sources, there is no universal HIIT session duration but most HIIT sessions are around 30 minutes..

Sarah’s Day
Australian YouTuber who has changed the HIIT game for many! Using only your body weight, you can get your daily exercise done at home! The best part is that your workouts are around 10-35 minutes but you will be sweating as if you just worked out for a few hours. Check out Sarah’s YouTube channel and her e-book Shred It to Shred It. I’m currently on Week 6 -- join me!.

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