Lightweight Fleece Jackets

Lightweight Fleece Jackets

About Our Lightweight Fleece Jackets Collection

If you’re looking for a warm jacket that won’t weigh you down, you’ve come to the right place. Decathlon’s Artengo hiking & camping brand has designed a plethora of lightweight jackets to keep you cozy even when the weather turns cold. These jackets are made with our proprietary Dry Tech technology, which uses a combination of moisture wicking fabrics to keep you dry while maintaining breathability. Our jackets are designed to be lightweight while still being durable, so you can wear them on your travels without weighing you down.

Jackets for Men, Women, and Kids

At Decathlon, we have an extensive range of hiking jackets, including rain jackets and 3-in-1 jackets, to suit your every hiking need. We also have a wide variety of hiking pants, including our popular “Tech” pants, that are perfect for your travels in the mountains. And if you need more than just a jacket or a pair of pants, we have hiking backpacks that are durable and tough, perfect for your every adventuring need. 

We also design hiking socks and hiking shoes to keep your feet comfortable and dry on your journeys.