Lightweight Gloves

Lightweight Gloves

About Our Lightweight Gloves Collection

If you’re going on a camping trip, you’ll need the right gear for your excursion. Decathlon’s Artengo hiking brand designs lightweight gloves for men, women, and kids to keep you cozy in any climate on your adventure. Some gloves are designed to be waterproof so they can keep up with you in the rain, and some are even fire resistant! Our gloves are designed to be comfortable and durable so you can tackle any challenge on your travels. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy-duty, check out our hard-working work gloves for heavy labor and our gardening gloves for your green-thumbed hobby.

Gloves for Every Activity

If you’re going rock climbing or rappelling, we have climbing gloves that provide extra grip for your fingertips so you can get a secure hold on whatever you’re scaling. If you’re going hiking, hunting, or backpacking, we’ve got hiking gloves that provide protection while keeping your hands comfortable on your long journey. If you’re going skiing, snowboarding, or doing any other winter sport, we have winter gloves that are warm and waterproof for all your winter needs. And if you’re just looking for a pair of work gloves for your everyday tasks, we have a variety of gloves for all your needs. 

Gloves Accessories

We also have glove liners to keep your hands warm when it’s chilly out, glove grips to improve your grip on your hiking poles, ski gloves for your winter excursions, and gauntlet gloves to protect your forearms. We even have toe socks and snow boots for your feet!