Ski Helmets

Ski Helmets

About Our Ski Helmets Collection

Wedze, our team of dedicated ski experts and enthusiasts, designs in the Alps and for the Alps and beyond. Decathlon’s Wedze concerns itself with all kinds of skiing, including downhill skiing, freeride skiing, freestyle skiing, and ski touring. All the skis we make pull inspiration from Chamonix, mere miles away from our home site. By getting to know real athletes–both casual and professional–Wedze is able to design with the user in mind. We also design for all types of weather by using prototypes in the real world for testing and refine each product to make sure its optimal in all types of climates.

Our lightweight ski helmets keep you safe in the event of any fall or crash while expertly placed vents keep you at a regulated temperature. They sport a comfortable interior and are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. They are expertly placed ventilation so you can stay at a regulated temperature. Some of our helmets even feature MIPS technology or a built-in visor with waterproof seam technology (and machine washable comfort foam!). 

Freeride and Piste Skis

Hitting the slopes this winter? Looking to escape the city and have fun in the snow? We have your every need so you can go skiing safely and comfortably without sacrificing performance, designing both freeride skis and piste skis so you can ride however you like. 

Ski Boots, Clothing and Accessories

Our ski boots are designed with varying degrees of flex so you can pick the one perfect for your comfort and skill level, and many even feature thermaform technology so you can refine the fit to your foot. Maybe that’s why Gearjunkie called themselves such a fan of ours! We also design ski goggles with anti-fogging, anti-UV technology and a wide field of view that makes the perfect companion on all your winter outings. No skier is complete without the right clothing to keep you cozy and safe on the snow. We design for men, women, and kids and emphasize waterproofness and breathability on all our ski jackets and ski pants without sacrificing your freedom and flexibility. We’ve got you covered for everything underneath, too, with base layers, mid layers, and padding. Don’t forget your gloves! We also specially create bags and accessories so you can make the most out of your ski experiences.