Soft Shoes For Men

Soft Shoes For Men

About Our Soft Shoes for Men Collection

At Decathlon, we have an in-house brand focused exclusively on creating the best hiking & camping gear at the best prices: Newfeel. Newfeel designs hiking boots, hiking shoes, hiking backpacks, and more. Our hiking shoes feature aggressive treads for demanding trails and our hiking boots have the protection and cushioning you need for difficult terrain. Our hiking sandals are perfect for your trip to the desert!

Going for a hike in the city? Our urban hiking shoes are designed for rough and rocky trails, as well as smooth and hard surfaces, and they come with a variety of features to meet your needs on your travels. If you’re looking for something more comfortable, we have a whole range of comfort shoes for men, women, and kids!

Trekking Shoes

If you’re going on a serious expedition, our hiking boots are designed to be waterproof so they can keep up with you on your most demanding journeys. They’re engineered to be extra comfortable so you can stay on your feet for as long as you need to, and some even feature extra cushioning. If you’re looking for extra protection against the elements, our rain jackets and ponchos are designed to be waterproof while staying breathable, ensuring you won’t get weighed down on your travels.