Tennis Shoes

Tennis Shoes

About Our Tennis Shoes Collection

Looking to pick up a racket for the first time? Hitting the tennis court to practice for your next big tournament? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has your every tennis need. We engineer tennis shoes that are comfortable while durable, maintaining a cushioning but stable sole so you can fly about the court. Some shoes sport energy-return technology and extra traction on the sole for greater grip on turf, and some feature breathable mesh so you don’t get bogged down on the court.

Tennis Rackets

We have a wide variety of tennis rackets to suit your needs whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Our rackets feature a range of forgivenesses, grips, lengths, and stiffnesses so you can find the one perfect for your skill level and tennis goals. Our vibration dampening technology staves off the onset of tennis elbow so you and your racket can keep playing for longer. We also have bags to keep your rackets safe between games.

Tennis Accessories

Have your own tennis racket already? We have grips and dampeners so you can have a more comfortable handle on your racket and mitigate the effects of the vibrations on your arm; we also have tennis strings so you can replace the ones on your racket and make it good as new.

Tennis Balls

Our tennis balls provide excellent bounce and control and we have developed tennis balls with a modified bounce that is perfect for learners.

Tennis Apparel

Artengo designs a wide variety of tennis clothing so you can stay comfortable on the court, including t-shirts and polos that’ll keep you dry, and jackets to keep you warm. Our shorts and socks will keep up with you on the court.

Whether you want to improve your game or just get started, Decathlon is with you every step of the way!