V Brake

V Brake

About Our V Brakes Collection

Decathlon’s Btwin brand designs a range of v brakes for road bikes, mountain bikes, and more. Our disc brakes are powerful, responsive, and perfect for your everyday rides. Our hydraulic disc brakes are powerful yet sensitive, and our mechanical disc brakes are durable and powerful without being too heavy. They’re easy to install and come with all the necessary parts so you can put your bike together exactly how you want it.

V Brake Pads

Our v brake pads are made of durable materials so they last longer on your rides. Our pads are easy to change so you can keep going without a hitch. Find out more about our v brakes and brakes in general so you can make the right choice for your bike. 

Btwin Bike Accessories

We have everything you need to keep your bike running smoothly. Our bike accessories are perfect for your commute to work, a more intense ride, or just going out for a picnic in the park. If you’re looking for something more, maybe a new bike, we have a whole range of bikes for men, women, and children. 

Btwin Bike Apparel and Accessories

No cyclist would be complete without their own set of bike apparel and accessories. Decathlon’s Btwin bike jerseys, shorts, and tights help you power through your rides, and our bike helmets ensure your safety. We also have bike pumps, bike baskets, and bike racks so you can bring your bike with you on all of your journeys. 

Btwin Accessories

No cyclist would be complete without their own set of accessories. We have everything you need to maintain your bike and keep it running smoothly for your next ride. 

Btwin Parts and Accessories

If you’re in need of new parts or accessories, we’ve got you covered. We have brakes and brake pads, sadd