Best Boardshorts For Surfing

Best Boardshorts For Surfing

About Our Best Boardshorts For Surfing Collection

Looking to catch some waves? Artengo, our surf brand, prides itself on being made on the shores of Hendaye, the perfect spot for designing and prototyping in real-world conditions. Artengo designs boardshorts for men, women, and kids that are perfect for your next excursion to the beach, whether you’re learning or an expert. Our boardshorts are made to be both comfortable and durable so you can make the most out of your next trip to the ocean!

Board Shorts

Our boardshorts come in a variety of lengths and styles, including shorties, longies, and 3/2s. They’re made with quick-dry fabric so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain. They’re also engineered with quick-dry technology so you can get out of the water and on your way to the next great wave. They’re durable, too, so you and your boardshorts can go on many more adventures together. 

Surf Accessories

If you’re looking for accessories to go with your new boardshorts, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide variety of surf accessories that are perfect for your next trip to the beach. We have surf bags to keep your gear safe, leashes to keep your board secure, wetsuits to keep you warm, and fins to help you navigate the waves. If you’re not going to the beach but want to stay in and practice, we also have foam boards and foam roller sets so you can stay in shape no matter where you are!