Boxing Punching Bags

Boxing Punching Bags

About Our Boxing Punching Bags Collection

Looking to get in a quick workout? Want to relieve some stress? Our boxing and MMA gear will get you there. Decathlon's Artengo brand designs heavy bags that are perfect for your home. They come in a variety of sizes and have different features. Some bags are filled with sand while others are foam-filled for a more flexible feel. Some have chains or ropes so you can add resistance to your workouts.

Boxing Gloves and Pads

If you’re looking for boxing gloves, we have a wide variety of different types for men, women, and kids. Our gloves are designed to be comfortable while providing a secure fit so you can get the most out of your workouts. If you’re looking for extra protection, we have a line of extra thick boxing gloves. They’re made with extra cushioning and extra thick material so you can take as many hits as you can handle. Want to hit something else? We also make a line of boxing pads so you can target other parts of your body. 

Boxing Equipment

Our boxing equipment is made to withstand heavy use. We have boxing bags that come with chains so you can add resistance to your workouts. We also design filling stations so you can easily add or remove filling to your bag.