Breathable Running Shoes

Breathable Running Shoes

About Our Breathable Running Shoes Collection

At Decathlon, we have many in-house running brands–each one geared toward the needs of athletes in different disciplines–and the Artengo running brand is here to meet your needs on the road, in the forest, or at the track. Our running shoes are designed to be lightweight while staying comfortable and durable so you can get the most out of your runs. We design shoes with cushioning and density that’s just right so you can feel safe and secure while maintaining a light weight. Our shoes are designed to be durable so you can keep running!

Running Apparel and Accessories

Our running socks keep up with you no matter how demanding your runs are. We also create running shoes and socks that are extra cushioned to ensure a comfortable ride while maintaining a low weight. We even create special shoes for heavy loads so you and your family can go on your own journeys. 

If you’re looking for something to keep you cool while you run, we have a wide variety of running jackets that are breathable and lightweight, keeping you cool on even your most demanding journeys. We also create running t-shirts and shorts that are perfect for your workouts. Once you’re done, keep your running gear in good condition by storing it in a running bag that’ll keep your things safe and secure. Once you’re done, come home and relax with some running shoes that are perfect for your kitchen! Once your shoes are done, we have a whole host of shoe racks and organizers that’ll keep your shoes neatly stored away.