Compression Running Shorts

Compression Running Shorts

About Our Compression Running Shorts Collection

Looking to pick up a new sport? Do you run, bike, or hike for fun, for fitness, or for competition? Decathlon’s Artengo running brand has everything you need, including our compression shorts. They’re built with breathable material that moves with you, and they feature pockets for storing your phone and keys so you don’t have to worry about leaving your things behind. Our shorts are designed for a wide range of activities, including running, cycling, and hiking.

Apparel and Accessories

We also design running shoes and hiking boots, including trail shoes and hiking boots, that are made to handle the toughest terrain. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm on the trails or on the road, we have a wide range of running jackets and windbreakers that are perfect for regulating your temperature on your travels. For more serious athletes, we design running tights and shorts that pair well with our shorts and tops. For more serious runners, we design shoes that are perfect for your travels and your needs.

Other Running Gear

If you’re looking for something to keep you going between your travels, we have a wide range of accessories to keep you healthy and safe on your travels. We design running shoes for men, women, and children, including shoes for gym workouts. We also create running socks, including socks that are made for hiking. For more serious runners, we provide running belts to carry all your necessities and running eyewear to see you through your toughest courses.