Two Person Inflatable Kayak

Two Person Inflatable Kayak

About Our Two person inflatable kayak Collection

Looking to go out on the water? Our inflatable kayaks are perfect for fishing, hunting, camping, or simply relaxing on the river. Itiwit kayaks are easy to set up and come with everything you need to get going on the water, including a bag to keep your kayak safe between trips.

Kayak Accessories

Our kayak accessories make your experience on the water safe, fun, and fulfilling without any extra effort. We provide pumps for inflating your kayak, kayak sails for added power, and pontoons for extra stability. We also design kayak seats and other accessories to enhance your experience on the water without limiting your freedom.

Itiwit Kayaks

Our kayaks are perfect for your excursions on the lake, river, or ocean. Itiwit kayaks are easy to set up, and some are even one-person kayaks! They’re perfect for your trip whether you’re going out for the first time or are an expert looking for a new challenge. Our kayaks are stable and safe, with some featuring a “turtle” shape for even more stability. They’re durable and some are foldable for easy storage. And if one breaks? We have spare parts for all your repair needs.