About Our Kayaks Collection

Decathlon’s in-house kayaking brand, Itiwit, designs kayaks and kayaking gear for casual kayakers and experts alike. All inflatable, the kayaks come with their own bag as well for easy transportation and storage of your kayak. Prioritizing glide, comfort, and stability, these kayaks are great for solo adventurers and even whole families. Our kayak paddles are compact and easy to disassemble so they can be tightly stored with your kayak.

Decathlon’s Itiwit kayaks feature side tubes for enhanced stability. The shape is patented to improve glide on the water and the kayaks feature 3 keels for an even larger bonus in performance. The seats are raised for comfort while paddling and while at rest. Our high-performance X500 kayaks are anatomically designed, durable, and quick-dying.

Kayaks Paddles and Accessories

We make tandem kayaks so you can adventure with your friends or family, including kayaks up to 4 people so everyone can enjoy the water. We create collapsible and telescopic paddles that can be put away neatly with your kayak when not in use. Itiwit also designs kayak accessories such as pumps, fins, and leashes so you can be ready for anything when you set out on your next kayaking trip. 

Want to start your kayaking adventure? Want to try out something else in the water? Find out what water sport is right for you. Looking to get your kayak back on the water? We also carry spare parts to keep you going in the river, sea, or ocean.