Kids Hiking Sandals

Kids Hiking Sandals

About Our Kids Hiking Sandals Collection

Going on a hike? Trekking through rough terrain? Going on a long adventure? You need the right gear. Decathlon’s Artengo brand designs hiking sandals to keep up with your every move. 

Hiking Sandals

Our hiking sandals are designed to handle rough terrain while staying comfortable on your feet. They’re lightweight and flexible so you can move with ease. They feature a sticky sole so you can stay secure on rocky terrain. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit around your foot while maintaining optimal breathability. Many of our hiking sandals feature a waterproof design so you can stay dry even in wet conditions.

Toe Socks and Hiking Shoes

Our hiking shoes combine the best of both worlds: they’re comfortable, they’re flexible, and they’re rugged. They’re great for all types of trails, especially rocky ones. And if you’re going on a long hike, our shoes are designed to be comfortable for the whole trip. We also design toe socks to keep your feet safe on all kinds of terrain.