Roll Top Dry Bags

Roll Top Dry Bags

About Our Roll Top Dry Bags Collection

Want to go on an adventure? Whether you’re going on a trip to the beach, going kayaking, or just want to stay safe around water, Decathlon’s Artengo brand has the perfect gear for you! 

Our dry bags are perfect for keeping your things safe on the water. They feature a roll top closure for easy access, and some even come with shoulder straps so you can easily carry them around with you. The material of the dry bag is rugged and waterproof so your things stay safe in even the most demanding conditions. The material is also flexible so the bag can expand and contract to fit your things. 

Artengo Wetsuits

Our Artengo brand also has a whole line of wetsuits to protect you on even the most demanding excursions in the water. They are made to be flexible and to move with you during your swim, with some featuring additional breathability to keep you cool on even your most demanding journeys. Once you’re out of the water, our wetsuits dry quickly so you can be on your way without waiting around. 

Sport accessories

If you’re going in the water, you’ll need fins, snorkels, and other accessories to enhance your experience. We also carry a wide variety of swimming aids such as paddles, pull buoys, and kickboards. Once you’re out of the water, keep your gear dry with a towel. And of course, we have a wide variety of swimsuits so you can feel confident in the water. 

If you’re looking for more gear for your water adventures, check out our  swimwear and swimming accessories pages!